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Israel tour guide > Eilat on the Red Sea

Eilat on the Red Sea

Eilat, the jewel of the Red Sea, the bridge that joins two continents, a city that lies between the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and the steeply rising mountains of the Negev Desert at Israel's most southerly point. The Israelites passed through this oasis in the desert on their way from Egypt to the Promised Land, and the perfect winter climate still welcomes many visitors every year. Eilat offers holidays for all tastes, from lazing on the secluded beaches to heart pumping water sports, and accommodation for every budget. This family friendly city offers fantastic restaurants, chic shopping malls and a vibrant and diverse nightlife.

Eilat is Israel's access to the Red Sea, which claims its name at sunset when the surrounding mountains, turned a deep blood red by the sinking sun, transform the clear blue waters into a superb red colour. The gulf is ideal for every imaginable water sport. If you are looking for excitement and thrills windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and even paragliding are available at all levels. For those who prefer the more refined and relaxing aspects of life a genteel cruise down the gulf to discover little known harbours and secluded beaches makes for a perfect day. However, a holiday in Eilat would not be complete without a trip to Dolphin Reef where the whole family can swim with the adorable dolphins in their natural habitat.


Under the clear blue waters are some of the world's most splendid coral reefs supporting an awe inspiring variety of fauna and flora. It is therefore no surprise that Eilat has become a centre for scuba diving and snorkelling. The region is ideal for beginners, but also contains magnificent dive site opportunities for even the most experienced divers. Scuba diving cruises, known as liveaboards, allow guests to plan their itineraries with the ship's captain. If you prefer not to get wet the colourful sights of the seabed are still accessible through glass-bottomed boats and the enthralling underwater observatory on Coral Beach.

North of Eilat lie other treasures for the tourist to discover. A jeep or camel trek into the Negev Desert will reveal the enchanting worlds of the Red Canyon and Timna National Park, which contains the ancient copper mines of King Solomon. Further North is the spectacular Ramon Crater. At 25 miles long, 7.5 miles wide and nearly 1000 feet deep this wonder of the world reveals the geographic history of the planet. The best way to experience the desert is to share your stay with hospitable Bedouin tribes. This nomadic people have wandered the desert since ancient times and will entertain you with their traditional dishes, music and dance.



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